Live at 5ive

15 08 2010

Pretty excited about one of HPC’s new service options for ya….5pm at the HPC Arena! It’s gonna be an amazing new season in the life of our church and I hope to see ya there. I’ll save u a seat and Baywatch Green will buy you a coffee. Hello!!!!



19 07 2010

Was reading 2sam 11:1-15 this morning (David and Bathsheba) and I had a thought/prayer/concern. The story in a nut shell is a major political and national leader (David) who let’s his lustful and selfish desires for something that doesn’t belong to him (bathsheba) but to another man lead him to some pretty extreme actions to get what he desires. He manipulates and abuses his power and finally ravages what wasn’t his but another’s and then in a desperate attempt to cover his evil actions and maintain his image and honor he uses military action to cover his own selfish and envious desires and actions. In the end it says “and the Lord was greatly displeased with David.” /// well, I’m not much to get into political debate and arguments but this morning as I read this I thought of all the stories (true or false) that I have heard of nations and powerful political leaders who have let greed and envy of the resources of other nations get the best of them and go to extreme lengths to take what isn’t theirs and then disguise their greed with war,etc. I’m not sure what stories are true about what countries but what I do know is that “The Lord is displeased…” with anyone that uses their power or leadership in this way. My prayer is that God would raise up nations and leaders that would not give in to selfish ambition and greed and take from other nations and people but that we would look for ways to cross the seas and reach into their back yards to help and not rob as it relates to resources. I cannot be certain if we as a nation have ever done this(U.S.) so I will not make any uneducated claims but I will on or nations behalf ask that the Lord to forgive us if we have done so and for Him to send us Leaders with integrity, honor, and humility. Amen


13 06 2010

Ok, so someone recently hooked me me up with an iPad and all I can say is that I am completely addicted to this bad boy! It’s real crazy how Mac keeps coming out with all these ridiculous tools that make our life and work easier….anyway, thank u Mr.______ for being a major blessing to my little world! Now back to playing around on the Pad. Peace

Lil Stud

18 03 2010

This Lil brotha is gonna have the ladies chasing him like crazy!!! He can’t date till he’s at least 40

Gr8 to be a saint

25 01 2010

I love Romans 8:27 cuz it says that “the Holy Spirit intercedes for the saints…” which prolly explains that incredible victory last nite! Also, can’t believe we are going to the super bowl!!! So epic…anyway, my heart is still super heavy for the precious people in Haiti and I want to encourage u not to lose your sensitivity and heart of compassion just because time is passing. I love what my pastor @dinorizzo said yesterday as it related to compassion fatigue, “we can’t have bottle rocket compassion but we must have a compassion that lingers far beyond the dust and debris…we will commit to the people of Haiti for as long as it takes!” I like that word picture…bottle rocket compassion that blast off swiftly but soon diminishes…hmmmm! Let’s have lingering compassion.

Starting off Right

1 01 2010

Hello 2010,
Make sure you make plans to be at the highland campus for next Wednesday the 6th for an incredible night of worship. Everyone from epic, life u, and the hub will be there to start the year off right! Starts at 7pm so get there a few minutes early to get a good seat. O ya, you better not miss it cuz we will be talking about some REALLY big stuff for our future and we don’t want you left in the dust!!! Hahahahaha just kidding-but seriously! SEE YA THERE!!!

New Dad

29 12 2009

I don’t think I’ve posted anything here really since the Twitter empire but I figured I should at least let u bloggers know I’m officially a dad!! It’s really awesome! Prolly my favorite thing so far is mornings we he first wakes up at like 6am and we just chill together…he’s smile is stellar! Anyway, thx for everyones prayers for this miracle( mom, Somer meyer, and Denise Domigue) b/c even though the doctors didn’t think it would happen u believe in a God he still does miracles.